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Media Masters began in 1986. It started out as a high-school locker business. Its founder and current president, Paul Vicente, produced short instructional videos both for himself and other students. Eventually, some members of the school faculty commissioned Media Masters to produce several videos aimed at procuring government funding, and thus the small company became a viable business.

In 1987, Media Masters entered the highly lucrative wedding video market. Using only the most basic production tools, Media Masters earned a great deal of praise and respect for producing wedding videos that compared to the quality associated with feature films. Media Masters continues to produce wedding videos even today, in addition to it's other interests.

Early in 1990, Media Masters began experimenting with Graphics and 3D animation. Using a Toaster-Equipped Amiga and NewTek's LightWave 3D, both 2D and 3D work began to trickle out the doors. Soon, Media Masters formed a partnership with TV Commercial Productions Inc. from Scarborough, Ontario, and over the next three years provided exclusive graphic output services for a variety of Chinese television commercials, some of which earned several awards.

Always looking for more computer horsepower, Media Masters purchased two ShaBLAMM! Workstations, a partial implementation of the industry-standard Silicon Graphics technology. Running the then newly released operating system Windows NT from Microsoft, Media Masters added 3D Studio and Animation Master to its bag of tools.

In 1994, despite the poor economy, Media Masters was doing well. Between corporate video, wedding video, and broadcast 3D animation work, times were busy. However, yearning to produce something that was a little more visible, Media Masters approached Badboy Furniture Ltd. of Scarborough, and was commissioned to create a new spokesperson for that company's television commercials.

Now in 1997, Media Masters has made several partnerships which bring an increased bandwidth in capability for the company. In conjunction with National Video Lab of Brampton, Media Masters adds complete broadcast quality hardware to its line of tools. Media 100 NonLinear Editing and soon a Digital Perception/Razor Package will be in place, providing the latest in digital video production.

Another partnership with Brampton-based NetMatrix Communications Inc. allows Media Masters to provide interested clients with Internet links and Corporate Web Sites. Using a T1 access, Media Masters can create and publish Web Sites that provide information about any given organization to millions of people across the planet. In addition to Web Sites, unlimited Email accounts are possible.

Overall, Media Master's primary focus is Animation. The belief that 3D graphics will continue to be the most stimulating component of any worthwhile production is the leading premise for the company's existence.


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