This is Baby BadBoy! The newest spokesperson for a chain of Furniture stores located in the Metropolitan Toronto area, was created by Media Masters in the last weeks of 1995. Since then, he has appeared in several commercials all over the Toronto airwaves.

Despite popular belief, he really doesn't exist! He's actually a computer-generated character created by artist Paul Vicente. Utilizing a computer software package called Animation Master, Baby BadBoy was modeled and textured in approximately five weeks.Using the software, the computer model which represents Baby BadBoy is fully movable in every way humanly possible. In addition to moving freely, he needs to be able to smile, speak, flex, blink, bend, etc. This flexibility is essential to ensure that the character can be expressive.

Below, you can see the different visual perspectives that Baby BadBoy can exhibit. The computer sees the character as a wireframe mesh, upon which surface attributes are pasted. The wireframe determines the three-dimensional shape of the character, while the surface attributes determine how the outer surface of the shape appears under the light. Surface attributes include the color, shine, texture and other characteristics associated with each part of the overall shape.

Using a skeletal manipulation system imbedded in the wireframe, the entire shape can be moved, twisted, and altered according to the requirements demanded by the animator. With a spinal manipulation system, parts of the character can be bent when needed. For example, as the foot walks along a surface, it must bend according to the same pattern exhibited by a real foot that comes into contact with the ground. The last manipulation system that the character responds to is muscular control. This allows the animator to "bulge" or "shrink" parts of the model as is occasionally required. The next time you see Baby BadBoy on television, try to spot the different ways in which the character's individual parts exhibit realistic human motion and expression.


For 1996, Bad Boy decided to add a couple of additional characters to the lineup, so we created BadGirl, Tag, and Smiley. BadGirl is the ambassador of excellent service. Smiley, wants everybody to know that at BadBoy, everyone will make you happy. Tag, well, he's important too! He makes sure you get the best furniture at the best prices. Together with Baby BadBoy, they comprise the BadBoy Family, the Team of Excellent Service ready to make your shopping experience at BadBoy Furniture, your best ever! Nobody's Better. Nooobody!



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