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Media Masters has been producing wedding videos since 1987, and has earned high praise for the style in which they are created.

The two most common complaints about "other" wedding videos relate to the "video-ish" look of the camera-work and image quality, and the lack of interest that people have in watching them.

To overcome this perception, Media Masters developed a style of videography that closely matches the techniques used in feature film photography. To capture the interest of the viewer and keep them coming back again and again, several techniques are used during the editing process that are time-proven methods of improving the entertainment value of a program; This involves giving the viewer a good balance of material which increases the heart rate, followed by segments which lower the heart rate, thus relaxing the viewer before the next visually exiting portion. This rythmic rise and fall in pacing is what makes the videos so timeless. Past clients consistently relate how they never bored of watching the video over and over again, from every family get-together to every private intimate screening.

Due to the size of the company, Media Masters is limited to producing wedding videos in and around the Metropolitan Toronto area, but has gone as far west as Windsor, and as far east as Kingston Ontario. Whether or not you are located near Toronto determines Media Master's ability to provide you with the services you require.

Media Masters can cater to European, Asian, and Canadian styled weddings, and requires a 30% financial security deposit to reserve the service. It is wise to procure a choice videographer up to six months in advance, or more.

Media Master's wedding videos include the following features:

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Baby Pictures

Romantic Introduction

3D Titles/Animation

Groom's Home

Bride's Home

Church Coverage

Park Coverage

100 % Reception Coverage

Honeymoon Photos

Slow-Motion Flashback


Complete Editing with Special Effects where Appropriate.

Media Masters shoots each wedding using S-VHS as this format provides optimum quality for reproducing the style of film.

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